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Rules and Regulations


Make sure you put them in the correct folder. How, exactly? Well, you could go to the gallery older and you'll see different categories. Click the [+] sign beside one, and you're ready to submit your story/poem!

All submitted deviations are subjected to one [1] vote before acceptance. If the deviation is declined, that must mean that it is not for this group, or you have submitted it to the wrong folder.

Post only the first chapter of your story and create a link in the description, directing readers to the next chapter. This will then avoid spamming.

In addition, you may suggest deviations to be added to the gallery!


:bulletgreen: KEEP IT CLEAN. We allow fanfics with mature contents on it but, make sure you check the mature FILTER so that we will know that it's rated M.

:bulletblue: STAY ACTIVE. You joined this group to participate, yes? Self-explanatory.

:bulletorange: ONLY FOR FANFICTIONS! OCs and crossovers are accepted.

:bulletpink: DO NOT SUBMIT TO FEATURED! The folders are already arranged for you and you just have to submit it to the correct one.

:bulletyellow: NO BOOK-COVERS. No doujin previews. This club is only for literature submissions. So no book-covers or drawings related to your story/poem. Preview thumbnails are allowed in your literature.

If you have any problems and/or concerns, you are more than free to comment below and we'll immediately look onto your problem or at least give a proper answer. Cheers!








Folders are now grouped into the following:

Duel Monsters

This where your Yu-Gi-Oh Duel Monsters/Yu-Gi-Oh (2000) and Yu-Gi-Oh Season 0 fanfiction and poetries are placed.


This where your Yu-Gi-Oh GX fanfiction and poetries are placed.


This where your Yu-Gi-Oh 5D's fanfiction and poetries are placed.


This where your Yu-Gi-Oh Zexal fanfiction and poetries are placed.


This where your Yu-Gi-Oh Arc-V fanfiction and poetries are placed.

Yu-Gi-Oh Crossovers

A Yu-Gi-Oh crossovers is different from a general crossover. Here is where you place fanfiction under the category of a Yu-Gi-Oh x Yu-Gi-Oh crossover such as Bonds Beyond Time, GX x 5D's, Arc-V x Zexal, and etc.

General Crossovers

General Crossovers are fanfiction that fall under the category of Yu-Gi-Oh x (insert series here).


OC stands for own character, if you have made up a character to include with the original characters or be included in an (AU) Alternate Universe it belongs here.

Things to Remember:

:bulletblack: OCs are priorities so if, for example, you OC, who is a duelist, is in a crossover with Naruto, IT IS PLACED HERE. OCs before crossovers.

:bulletblack: If your OC is not the main character (only appears once or very rarely) and has no major plot advancements to a character it can be submitted to another folder.

Reader Inserts

Self-explanatory. This is where your [x reader] fanfiction goes, it is open for all series.


I already fixed all of the already submitted deviations into their proper categories. I reckon that this arrangement will be much more easier to understand, since a lot of you were confused with our previous grouping. A lot of you are focused in only one Yu-Gi-Oh series, and I hope that in this way, your navigation will be a lot sweeter.

Once we upgrade to a super group (or until another free membership day comes), we'll then further divide each anime into two sub-categories which will be the: series and oneshot folders. But for now, that's that!

Same rules apply:

:bulletblue: Only the first chapter of a series may be posted. Link the next chapters in you descriptions.
:bulletblue: Don't forget to put a filter if it's rated M.
:bulletblue: NO book covers, but preview thumbnails are allowed.
:bulletblue: Do not submit to featured.
:bulletblue: All submitted deviation are subjected to one [1] vote before acceptance. If the deviation is declined, that must mean that it is not for this group, or you have submitted it to the wrong folder.
:bulletblue: Finally, stay active!

If you have any other questions, kindly comment below or in our profile. Thank you!

Your founder,
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