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Rules and Regulations

First of all, welcome all you Yu-Gi-Oh! Fanfiction writers around the world. Before you join our group there are some reminders you need to follow:

:bulletred: When submitting a fanfic, make sure you put them in the correct folder. How, exactly? Well, you could go to the gallery folder and you'll see different gallery folders, each with a [+] sign. Just click it to add your story to a specific category.

-Note: there is a folder there called the series folder. If you don't know what that folder is for; it's for fanfics that are in chapter form. Just post the first chapter of your story and create a link in the description, directing readers to the next chapter. This will then avoid spamming.

:bulletgreen: Keep it clean. We allow fanfics with mature contents on it but, make sure you check the mature FILTER so that we will know that it's rated M.

:bulletblue: Stay active. You joined this group to participate, yes? Self-explanatory.

:bulletorange: ONLY for fanfictions! OCs and cross-overs are accepted.

:bulletpink: DO NOT SUBMIT TO FEATURED!! The folders are already arranged for you and you just have to submit it to the correct one.

:bulletyellow: NO BOOK-COVERS. This club is only for literature submissions. So no book-covers or drawings related to your story/poem. Preview thumbnails are allowed in your literature.

:bulletblack: If you have any problems with the group, folders, etc... you are more than free to comment below and we'll immediately look onto your problem or at least give a proper answer.

:bulletpurple: Tell your friends! This club is open for everyone!!

~Have fun from all of us at :iconyu-gi-oh--fanfiction:

Group Info

Yu-Gi-Oh! Fanfiction Writers wanted! Here to you give you the very best fanfiction from every Yu-Gi-Oh series there was invented!

-and we not only accept Duel Monsters, we also accept fanfictions for GX, 5D's, ZeXal and just lately, Arc V!

Cross-overs and OC's are allowed. Absolutely no book-covers!
Founded 2 Years ago
Jun 30, 2012


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113 Members
122 Watchers
6,478 Pageviews
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It's okay if you skip this part, I just wanna tell you guys a brief background!

Hey, hey, hey, lil' Ms. Founder speaking!

Are you surprised, are you surprised? `Cuz that's right, our group's going to have its very first contest!

I checked my points and realized that I had some spare ones to giveaway, and I'm feeling TOTALLY generous this month because guess what?

Yep, yep! On the 8th of September I'm turning 16! Gosh, wow. I feel old.

Anyways, this group's going a bit inactive don't you think? So I thought: Why not hold a contest to get those juices flowing again? I would love it if this group could be fun, noisy and active again.

Also, also~ I have a similar contest in another group! Yep, it's in the Cardfight Vanguard fandom this time! Click here to see!

Enough about me, let's start!

Theme: The HEART Of The Cards

It's a pretty broad and simple topic. Don't judge it TOO much or you just might go off trail. It is, what it is. Don't complicate it!

How you interpret it is totally up to you.


:bulletblack: You have to be part of Yu-Gi-Oh--Fanfiction to join.  New members are always welcome.

:bulletblue: You must :+fav: this journal. I want to see how many people are participating. It's okay if you're not sure yet, just fave this entry. To be more specific I want to know how many people are interested in participating.

:bulletblack: Absolutely NO deviations with mature content. But anything else, whether it be fluff, horror, yaoi or yuri is totally accepted. Any character/s from any season is accepted.

:bulletblue: Any type of fanfictions are accepted.

:bulletblack: The deviation must be created after this journal has been released. This only means that I will not be accepting any deviations created prior to the contest. It has to be new.

:bulletblue: Include a link of this contest info in your description. Spread the word, spread the word!

:bulletblack: [IMPORTANT] Submit your entry to Month-BER Yu-Gi-FIC Contest Folder located in the gallery. Only deviations sent to this folder will be considered as an entry. Take note that entries the did not follow the rules above will be deleted from the folder.

:bulletblue: Only ONE entry per deviant.

Anymore questions? Clarifications? Feel free to comment! I'll get to it as fast as I can.


It's the third of SeptemBER and the contest is titled: Month-BER, am I right? You have until DECEMBER 1, 2014. That's when the ber-months end.

Three months.

And that's a pretty, damn long time so I'm not making any extensions.

When will the results be announced?

On December 31st, in lieu of the end of the BER-months~


:bulletblue: 1st Place

- 100 :points:
- a watch from :iconcyberangel08:
- a llama from :iconcyberangel08:
- a five month deviant feature from :iconcyberangel08:
- a five month Yu-Gi-Oh--Fanfiction art feature (maximum of five deviations; in a addition to your winning piece)

:bulletblack: 2nd Place

- 50 :points:
- a watch from :iconcyberangel08:
- a llama from :iconcyberangel08:
- a three month deviant feature from :iconcyberangel08:
- a three month Yu-Gi-Oh--Fanfiction art feature (maximum of five deviations; in a addition to your winning piece)

:bulletblue: 1st and 2nd Runner-Ups (Yes, there will be two)

- 25 :points:, EACH.
- a watch from :iconcyberangel08:
- a llama from :iconcyberangel08:
- a one month deviant feature from :iconcyberangel08:
- a one month Yu-Gi-Oh--Fanfiction art feature (maximum of five deviations; in a addition to your winning piece)

:star: Please note :iconcyberangel08: if you wish to donate prizes. You will be automatically a judge if you do! But that's optional too! That is, you may donate and NOT be a judge. I'm just happy you're donating. uwu

Also, donators will be given a three-month feature in my page.


:bulletblue: Can I still join the contest even though I'm a judge?

Obviously, you can't. I'm sorry. D:

If you decide to donate prizes and choose NOT to be a judge, however, you may join.

:bulletblack: If I ever win, for my art feature, can it be something NOT related to Yu-Gi-Oh?

This is a group dedicated for Yu-Gi-Oh themed art, so I'm sorry. But the art features have to be within the Yu-Gi-Oh fandom. I'm still debating whether to only allow fanfictions or have any art as long as it's related to Yu-Gi-Oh. I'll get back on that.

:bulletblue: Are OCs accepted?

Yes they are. Just make sure to credit yourself as the character designer in the description. I'm fine with anything as long as it's related to the theme.

Your growing (Gosh, no please) old founder,

Note: If less than 20 deviants (I'll know based on the number of favorites of this journal) are participating by the end of October, I'll cancel the contest.
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I love your rule on only posting the first chapters of fanfictions and linking to the next chapters. I'm part of so many groups in which I'm looking for new material, and I just find chapter spams of fanfiction I don't plan on reading. It'll keep it fresh and everyone knows that if there's notifications in their inbox from this group, it'll be something new. Common sense! ^.~
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XT1 Featured By Owner Oct 25, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Can I join? I have a fanfic I want to share
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You need to open up join requests and group submissions for members.
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Can I join?? It says its closed...
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